Friday, April 18, 2008

design crit? oh noi...

gosh, my real mid semester crit for design is actually this coming monday.not the one i already had before.that one was just some guest crits coming to crit our what greg said "this is the serious one, there will be 4 guest crits coming to critique your project". Haha sounds scary for me.oh i have to prepare a lot for the crit and i hope it will turn out okay.

in the meantime, we have to at least start build our physical model for comm subject.The 3d models should be almost finished by next week with all the renders and views.gila one week? well, nothing is impossible.i have to learn to manage my time properly.thats what im lacking in.

im thinking to go back to malaysia this year for summer hols a lil bit late.thinking of working here for 1 month.i need the moneyyyy.i heard its really rewarding.hehe really need a new current one kuno gila okay, especially for archi student.

oh i really miss the good old times with my friends.most of them are having finals now.some are in their final year.So goodluck guys! i know u guys can do it :)

hmmm about a week ago i had a really weird conversation with someone.more weird conversations.hmmm if only i have all the clues.cant you just tell me what you were thinking straight to me? buat confuse je mcm ni.haish...

im missing my family too rite now.with all the crazee bros, the blur mum, the scarry father! haha.haih..goodluck to haziq i think he's going to take his IELTS dah lepas? wtv, gudluck okay.

will update later when im free.cheers!

sorry kpd rakan-rakan yg men-tag saya, im so busy to do it! will do it later when im free :)

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