Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sleepless in Melbourne

do you know that an adult just like me (am i considered as an adult? hehe) need at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep each day? But yesterday i only managed to sleep for one hour just because we have to prepare for tech presentation.dah la dtg lmbt for 1 hour , sabar je lah tutor tu ngn kiteorg.ampun ya.hehe.it was ok lah.and my design studio presentation too was so-so lah.haha.next assignments onwards will be individual work.

today i talk with my tech groupmate after tech class.we talk alot! basically its all about facing the real world out there after we have graduate in 4 years time and even about people back in malaysia.like are we the same as we are now? have we learn a lot enough? its a longggg way until we really achieve our dreams is it? but we just have to go with the flow..oh, a lot have been discussed! too long to mention here.we should talk like that more often dont you think? yeahhh and talking architecture too.hehe.i miss talking like this with my friends back in malaysia.matured talking!

this friday morning i have comm presentation and im still working on the drawings.rabun lah mataku menatap skrin ini.

ahhh really need a break this weekend.i want to spend time for myself , i mean a treat or something.

nak tido tapi enggak boleh.waaaaa.well say goodluck to myself.haha

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