Friday, May 9, 2008

payung , brothers

i dont know is it me or the umbrellas? so far since i live in melbourne i have bought about 5 umbrellas in total. the first one i bought broken because of the strong wind.or is it becuse its cheap? the second one i left it in the tram secara tidak sengaja.and the funny thing was i tried to look for it but then asriah stopped me and said it was too late.the third is broken and so the 4th and 5th.Just now i bought another one and hope it will be okay.

going to watch ironman after this.lambat tak, semua org dah tgk baru nak tgk.hoho.

yeayy the whole family are coming this winter! both of my bros will come first and they will be arriving from sydney because haziq want to visit his friend in sydney first.then after that mama,ayah and nabil are coming to join us! most probably i'll go somewhere if i've finish my submission earlier, probably go to sydney again and meet them there!

awwww how i miss my silly brothers and all their stupid jokes.being the only girl in the family is not bad afterall :)

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