Friday, May 16, 2008

when stress is the disease and laughter(happy included?) is the best medicine

im stress and happy at the same time rite now.

stress because our final submision for tech2 is this tuesday.we have to submit full set of drawings with the standards,folio with bca reports all that.wth, its tech, so u have to.

stress because our final crit for design is due in 3 weeks! the crit is on the 10th of june (cuak cuak banyak drawings blom siap lagi.and the external and internal perspective view? and errr 1:200 physical model? banyaaaaak sgt kene buat)

stress because comm final submission is due in 3 weeks? and i dont have a clue how to do animation with 3d max.

happy because i went shopping with syera today! :) bought a black pump shoes from jeanswest and silver necklace from diva.The necklaces are so cool! (look at picto , malas nak explain).btw to my bffs in malaysia, do not be guys are still my best friends ok? bestesttttt.hihi

happy too because i got to talk with someone just now after a long time not talking with him.actually not talking literally but ym-ing.hehe i think because both of us were so busy these past few thats why, he's not my boyfriend.he's just closed to me as a guyfriend.not talking to you for a really long time is weird.really.maybe i should try and test on that someday ;P

haih.thats my update for now.very the busy and malas lah to write.huhu

i cant get this song out of my head lah

i have seen peace
i have seen pain
resting on the shoulders of your name.
Do you see the truth through all their lies?

can anyone guess whats the name of this song and by who?


  1. haha! qilah !... i know what song is dat !... leh teka ke ni?
    ke nk bg chance org len...


  2. teka teki.teka teka sila sila.haha

  3. ahh..tak kesah. nk jeles jugak.
    tak kesahhh gk. u blk msia nnt we hav to get another matching bracelet.huhu

  4. yeah! jom! tp mane nak cari for 7 people in total? huhu.miss u guys so much2 lah