Saturday, July 26, 2008

am living with a zombie.

it is sad when you cant talk anything with your roomate, the only thing you talk about is when she asking you for a direction to somewhere or how much is the price of this thing and that thing.

it is sad when you dont even know when is your roomate's birthdate or she doesn't know yours.

it is sad when your roomate is one hell greedy woman.tahap maximum punya kemut where all her food are labelled with her name.excuse me, ni bukan asrama okay?

it is even sad when i found out that she keeps her food like in pantry inside her wardrobe where u can find beras,raw spaghetti and all other foods.

it is sad when your roomate cannot accept other people's opinion, even it is right and even about tiny little things.

it is even sad shen she said she was raised up by her parents to be organized and tidy and all, padahal she herself doesnt like to wash her own dirty dishes and just leave it beside the sink.dah la tak pernah buang sampah.ingat kiteorang ni DBKL ke?

it is sad when your roomate talk bad about you not behind your back but just right beside your own pair of ears.kuat-kuat pulak tu.excuse me, i got feelings too okay?

it is soooo sad when she thinks she is right all the way and we are the bad , badly
unraised , spoiled undergrad students all the time.

it is even sad and i cant beleive im saying this, but i cant wait for her to more month Qilah, just one more month.after that im going to be the happiest roomate on earth.haha

haih seriously, tak pernah lagi jumpa orang macam ni sebelum ni, this is my first time you know.

you know what, it feels like im living with a zombie in my own room.

i really really really want a good roomate.
now i remember what my tutor in intec told me 2 years ago;

you will not know a certain person until u live under one roof with them.betul gila okay.


  1. Qilah, cakap pasal sape nih? Kakak tu ke?


  2. haah..annoying gila kot..haha *kejam tak kite* huhu

  3. awww..
    qilah i kenal somewhat a person like this in the form of my stepmom. haha kite lagi kejam kot :P

    sabar ye!

  4. saba qil!
    the devil is gona be out of ur life soon.

    thx god i hav a nice roomie.
    u remember miya kan?the one yg ikot hantar u dulu tuh.
    well yea, die kem slm. haha

  5. Oho...igtkan die dah klua. huhu
    Sabar ye Qilah~su

  6. dal: really? i hope u can cope with it.hehe

    nini: haha thanks nini.yeah i remember her.kem slm balik ye.tu laa if only u guys stay with me ke, it will be like heaven! haha

    oya: tu laa takpe kejap je lg..hehe

  7. finally, she's out !!.... cheers for qilah !!...


  8. yeayyy die dah keluar :)

    sy berkuasa di bilik skrg.muahahahaa