Sunday, August 3, 2008

pools pools and more.

pools , pools and more swimming pools.just now we have to visit a swimming pool wayyy in packenham which is an hour journey by train and we have to wait for one more hour for the bus to come.

The one below is another pool in Badeschiff , Berlin that we have to do research on.It looks more or less the same with the one we visited this afternoon.

The pool is convertible where during summer it can totally be opened but in winter they close the whole thing like a cocoon-shape building.

how cool is that?

we need more flexbile-convertible-adjustable-kind-of-building like this in malaysia dont we?


  1. qil! for my lighting technology class i kene do a thorough study on underwater lighting which includes swimming pool, aquariums, underwater world n such.
    nak consult psl lighting for ur project nnt tanye lah saye..sudah terase mcm engineer dah ni...hahahhh

  2. underwater lighting? thats cool! bole2 nanti i tanye semue, u jd my partner ok.hehe

  3. this is uber cool!ape lagi qilah, u r da one who should create it in malaysia!woooot wooot!
    gggoooo qilah!

  4. haha yep hope so!! we need better place for malaysia! ceywahhh..haha