Saturday, September 13, 2008

the bag.

i've been tagged by nadiah but this time its quite have to take pictures of your bag and its content and list down what you carry in the bag! haha sounds quite interesting so.. this is my bag

i dont carry much in my bag when i go to uni.actually it depends on what im going to do each day.for example if i have to do model in the studio on that day i'll usually carry more things, like model making tools in my bag.

here is the list of what i put in my bag:

1. design sketch book
2. design folder
3. pens and pencils
4. handphone
5. purse
6. ipod
7. keys
8. cutter , steel ruler , uhu glue (i always carry them incase of anything)
9. pocket tissue
10. lip balm
11. external hard drive
12. push pins to pin up our drawings (yep, we pin up our drawings in each class, each subject , every time)
13. umbrella

oh i used to carry my camera in my bag everytime but since the quality of the camera is not that good, i dont use it often anymore.gila kuno ok megapixel tahap phone camera. haha usually i just borrow from my friends jer.btw, am planning and saving money to get a new good one! *cross fingers*

okay, so now i tag



  1. bag qilah tu lawa, simple & chic. sukaa

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  3. Qilah, Ur bag tu cantek lah.

    and sangat rare bawak gam uhu dalam bag. ;)