Friday, October 3, 2008

eid mubarak.

i guess this year its different.maybe this year he forgets.

selamat hari raya aidilfitri , maaf zahir batin to everyone i know.please forgive and forget if i ever done anything wrong to you okay?

i skip my elective class on pagi raya.still, very fortunate of me because my cousin got exam on first,second and third day of raya.its ok nadiah, 1 more raya to go! huhu.

on the day before raya itself, we had final crit for tech 3 (we as in me and partner and almost everybody lah!) and because we didn't sleep the whole night, i slept afterwards after the crit from 3pm to 9pm while all other people busy preparing for raya tomorrow.syera was out helping in malaysian hall while kak nini already celebrating in clayton , and i was sleeping alone in the house while everybody else started to bertakbir.

thats when i felt so homesick, sitting on the bed alone di malam raya.

and honestly for raya i only went to one open house and watch a movie with my housemates last night.couldnt go to others' because i was so busy in the comp lab doing design with my partner.oh well, i should feel gratitude that i still can celebrate.

5 more weeks to go! and 3 more months to go! i really really really miss them.everybody.

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