Friday, October 17, 2008

life as it is.

on tuesday i didnt sleep at all to prepare for my final crit on my elective.on wednesday i just slept from 3pm - 8 pm then stay at uni the whole nite with zi yang until 6 am and go back and sleep until 10am.and last nite i slept from 2 am in the morning untill 2pm the next day.gila tak.mesti ganti the days before punya tido.haha.tido matiiiii.

oh well i cant beleive the semester is almost over. just had my UN charted kosovo elective final crit last went quite good actually.didn't expect for Brent Alpress to be the guest crit. when i came in to the class and saw him i was like "omg is he going to crit our presentation today? gulp gulp mati lah aku".but then after i presented, it was quite ok lah.his comments also not bad ape.then after each one of us finish presenting, he said it was quite a good class, especially it broaden your knowledge about urban architecture.he is very right indeed.before this i never knew about urban sprawl in each country.about how people populated each city. is it randomly sprawled , a garden city , a grid city like melbourne, a linear city? i wonder how the population in selangor sprawled actually.i can ask fatudin since he's taking town planning.what is left for this subject is to fix our presentation to be submitted for the folio next month.

and 2 weeks left for final crit for design! next week we have to present full mock up for a real one.since i have only design to focus on, i'll give full attention to seems like i have to stay in the comp lab at uni almost every nights with Zi Yang until the final.i hope he'll agree to do work at level 7 lab because it was so damn hot in level 8.i know he like it there because less people and u have 2 big monitor to do your 3d etc but still i cant concentrate with my 3d if im not comfortable myself.i hope we can finish all the drawings and 3d on time.oh well i think for this presentation also i need to spend a lot for the printing.since it is large scale studio, our building is quite huge.that's why its a pair work studio.last sem it costed me about aud200++ to print for the final because somebody canceled my printing at uni so i have to print outside at the shop.i guess the this sem will cost a lot too! oh my money is flying~~.

i've not been talking to him for like long time now.awww how i miss him and my friends back in malaysia.and of course my family too.ok just 12 more days before final crit then submit the folio then im free woohoo.cant wait to go to nz with sydney people.i really need a getaway from all of this.

p/s: i hope the bunga-bunga guy(as what zi yang said, haha/the hard core guy wont be our guest crit for the final presentation.he's very rough and scary man!

haa banyak plak update setelah sekian lama.haha selamat tinggal


  1. oh dah hampir seminggu tidor di la trobe.eheh terima kasih org la trobe.budi anda akan dibalas.huhu