Wednesday, December 3, 2008

bodies studio sem 2 , 2008

postponed post.

works from my studio, Bodies for last semester.i did the 3d views and my partner did the CAD drawings.

site: half moon bay , black rock melbourne.

p/s: images are a bit pixelated due to the reduced size so that it can be uploaded.


  1. Ooooh, cool.
    sukaa dat louvres elements!

  2. thanks ninie!
    now i cant wait to go to ur exhibition bila i balik nanti! ;)

  3. eh, yg exhibition i tuh bkn on my projects tau.
    its a photojournalism exhibition of our trip to bangkok harituh.

    but please cum lah.i nid to c u as soon as u jejak kaki kt tanah msia niehh.haha

  4. haha bole je! i pegi ramai2 with diorang semua skali..huhu..cant wait!

  5. what software did u use for this? hehe cun! ;-D

  6. thanks zizi! i use ryhnocerous and vray for 3d and rendering.then photoshoped it.i bet u guys guna 3dmax rite? someday i wanna try use it, tp mcm susah je..huhu