Sunday, April 26, 2009


tired, busy , homesick and thousand of miles and 8 months away from home?
thats all i can say now.

nini,fiqa,hana,mira,nenek i miss you guys and all your craziness!

p/s: been watching friends season 4 for old time's sake and cant stop laughing!!
i wish i could have a boyfriend like chandler or joey because they are so damn funnnnyyy!!

joey: how are yaa doing?

hahahaha now back to work, 5 weeks before final presentation for design!


  1. hey, we tak crazy okay. we normal. qila yang crazy! tapi we still miss you and sayang you. hehe. <3 (hannah)

  2. i did that friends quiz thingy at fb and it states that i'm joey.

    how ya doin'?

    haha ;p

  3. hana: luv u tooo and missing u guyss!

    nini: u know what, after non-stop tgk friends, i dpt rasa i mcm phoebe..sbb die slalu blur and lost n bile org ckp topic lain, die pegi topic lain..hahaha