Friday, May 22, 2009

still alive

alhamdulillah im still alive despite the busy-ness of being an architorture student.just submited my tech4 folio yesterday and you cant imagine how relieve i am.i cant beleive i dont have to do any more tech after relieve that i become a lazy-ass yesterday.sort of just celebrating my ownself by doing nothing and just sleep sleep sleep.hahaaa

now i only have 2 subjects left ; design and my elective conceptual photography.nothing much left for my elective because we just have to print out our works for the exhibition.

now i can concentrate on my design.2 weeks left before final crit.lets hope for the best because this is my last lower pool studio. upper pool studio for next semester? thats scary and makes me realize how quick we become older every single day!

im sorry dear friends if i cant spend time with you guys lately.yeah i admit i dont have a life, but the moment i decided to take architecture, i have to put all my life into turning back.i know all students are busy as i am, but taking architecture is quite different.i dont have any exams or tests, so my entire grades depend on my assignments which is my design progress(drawings/3d/models etc).can you imagine we have presentation to show our progress every single class for every subject and every week! so yeah we have to put full effort into it.some are formal some are informal.and yeah, im enjoying myself doing it so no harm to me for stick infront of my pc 24/7.

and yes, sometimes i get stuck and lost for ideas and thats the time when you become so stress! i bought a book early this year which called 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School by Matthew Frederick but dont have the time to read the whole thing yet,just managed to flip through some of interesting quotes and found this one:

No design system is or should be perfect.

i guess he's right.i never get satisfied whenever i finish any of my design at the end of the will never ever fully satisfied with your design.okay, enough of archi crap, need to go back to work.
despite my obsession with architecture, i still cant wait for the holiday! i need a nice nice longg break.heheee

p/s: i have to go to canberra this winter to renew my passport! if not i cant go back to malaysia this summer.sesssh.


  1. qil~ good luck! heheee.. lama xmai ur blog

  2. thanks as! all the best to u too!

  3. huns, nape tak renew passport kat msia hari tuuu wiwiwi

  4. haha i lupa sbb too excited enjoying my holiday kot.hahaaa