Sunday, June 21, 2009

double brick studio

this time its all about BRICK and DENSITY. these are only some of my works for this semester.

at the end of the final crit, Martin said that colour is not important for my concept, so he suggested to make all my views black and white.and so i did - for the portfolio lah.

p/s: i still dont know how to make all the images unpixelated.anyone?
click on pictures for clearer images.


  1. eh macam cool je.

    like sims in the making! XD

  2. yep2..u'll get excited doing the 3Ds...and tired too..hehe

  3. qilah, what is the top picture about?

  4. oh the top basically is diagram about density of trees around the site of the project..for the first 2 weeks we have to make an investigation of anything that interest us on the site and then from that develop an idea for the whole project..and oh yeah, we have to use brick for this studio..