Sunday, March 16, 2008

Global Warming , it is.

went to the project site for my design this morning and it was so hot.really hot. the world now is having a major global warming.i still remember at this point of time last year in melbourne , it should be cold by now.its 38 degress outside and sometimes it can reach to 40 degrees.this is way hotter than malaysia. its autumn now but the weather is like summer! stop using air-conditional that can increase global warming , stop cutting our trees! haih okay okay i know too much complaining.btw, cant wait for the cold weather to come.

went to melbourne central to buy a few shocked that i couldnt find peanut butter with jam spread in coles just now.i already look at safeway and iga, they dont have it either. i mean how come they dont have it? isnt it peanut butter is mat salleh's favourite? i can find a lot of peanut butter ; the crunchy , smooth , nut , but none of them is with jam.yeah whatever , i can buy chocolate spread but i dont have the mood to eat chocolate in hot makes me feel dizzy.

gotta show our initial design ideas through sketches for studio tommorow.i hate evening studio is on monday to thursday at 6pm - 9pm. its going to be difficult when it comes to prayer's time and when i have to go back home alone at night.but what can i do? i dont want to restricted my choices of studio.there are afternoon studios but im really interested in Rooflessness , so why not? fyi, this sem i took a medium scale studio which is called Rooflessness.Its about designing building/community center for the homeless people. They are not exactly house-less people where u can find sitting by the side of the street and begging for money. We are designing for people who are much better than that.Ex drug addicts , ex-prisoners , bankrupters (is it the right word?).Most of them do not secure any jobs thus dont have enough money to buy food , clothes and other neccesities.They have low self-esteem because they think they couldnt be accepted by community.We even went to visit a few homeless people last week to get a better view of what we are dealing with , our client. Most of them just need a friend to talk to instead of food.This shows how lonely they are.I feel so greatful to have a house and friends and even living in other people's country.Shouldnt ask for more :-)

okay gotta go get ready to meet my groupmates in the comp lab.will update later when im free.

i even couldnt find the picture of peanut butter with jam. this shows it is so unpopular

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