Tuesday, March 18, 2008

upcoming holiday

Cant wait for the holiday! we are going to have a week off , sort of mid-sem holiday starting this thursday until next wednesday (but i dont have class tomorrow which means it starts today!).weehee.but wait, gotta finish alot of work during the hols.tomorrow and friday will be busy with my other groupmates for design.on friday im going to asriah's house do tech4.later gotta do comm3..haishhh what a so called holiday. but later im going to treat myself with plans , plans and more plans! shhh dont want to burst it now because it will spoil the mood , hehe. Moon and her housemates , nadee and odd are coming here straight from sydney this easter break and i cant wait! you're most welcome moon :).

Had our first tech presentation this morning and im so annoying with some of the local students in the class.They were laughing at us while we were presenting.Mandy also noticed that.(Mandy is our groupmate and she's an australian but from south africa so she is not exactly the pure australian).Macam laa design korang bagus sangat.Just because u guys can talk better doesn't mean ur design is good.Please respect other people ok? Okay enough for that.

And oh Step Up 2 dah keluar! cant wait to watch that.You know how i really like all the dance movies like Save the Last Dance , Center Stage , Step Up. But none can beat Save the Last Dance up to now i think.They were the best!

will update later when im free.

Oh Btw congratulation to Baby(Azif) for getting 9A 1B for his spm! (he's my cousin btw). Keep up the good work! I know its a bit late to wish u but better late than never right?


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