Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I've been tagged lah.

haha i never done this before although i see from other people's blog all the time.I've been tagged by Kak Jamie, my senior in RMIT.

6 random facts about me:

1. Im always scared of bees

2.I like to eat spicy food a lot!

3. I dont know how to use chopstick (sedih tak?).
I still remember last year when i went for lunch at Nasi Lemak House with my groupmates, Tim and Gerald .I ordered mee or something and Tim gave me the chopstick and spoon and i said "sorry, i dont know how to use chopstick." And he said , "are you an asian or what?" , with a sarcasm tone.Haha i felt so humiliated at that time.hahaha.Btw Tim is a Taiwanese and Gerald is an indonesian. Okay, i should learn how to use it :-P

4. I am single and available now.hahahaha

5. I love gray thirts! have a bundle of them

6. Im blur and sometimes pekak badak.That was why my friends called me kura-kura when i was in high school.


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People i've tagged
1. nini ; bestie-
2. Syera ; housemate -
3. Nadiah ; cousin -
4. Nadrah ; cousin -
5. Zizi ; high school friend -
6. AB ; my LK tutor and a friend -


  1. fewwittt...single and available.. ;P

  2. haha yes im single! phewittt to u too.eyy awk pon single kan..alalala..hehe