Sunday, March 23, 2008

Homeless-people magnet

lately a lot of homeless people (or similar to them) approach me and begging for money from me.Is this has anything to do with my design studio? Since i got Rooflessness for my design studio, i have become like homeless-people magnet.

A few days ago, i was taking out some money from the atm in la trobe st.Then suddenly there's this one old woman approached me and asking me for some coins to buy tram ticket. And i know how does it feels when u dont have enough coins to buy tram ticket because i always experienced it.So i gave her some coins but at the same time i feel quite scared because i was taking out some money from the atm at that point of time.Then she said "oh , its not enough..i need more".And i know there is something wrong.She wants more money and definitely not to buy tram ticket! While im waiting for my money to come out, she begging me to withdraw 10 dollars for her.And i was like "sorry , i dont have enough money in my account".And suddenly a 20 dollar note came out from the atm and i quickly grab the money, atm card and receipt. haha kantoi habis! .Then i said sorry to her because im in a hurry but she still begging from me.She even said i can go to the nearest supermarket with her and buy some foods for her.Its not that i dont want to help, but im scared if i go with her, she wants to buy all the things on the shelves! Bankrupt lah saya. Besides, i dont even know her to even treat her. Then i said again "im so sorry , i cant help you" . Then i quickly walked fast away from the atm and went straight away to my house.I look back and i saw her attacking another victim.Hmmm a very good spot to attack your victim(as in for the homeless) but not a very good spot to withdraw your money.Do you get what i mean? hehe.

A day later as i walk home a guy asking for 2 dollar coin and i quickly said sorry i dont have small change.Thats my typical answer.You'll get used to it because there's so many people begging for money.Again, its not that i dont want to help , sometimes i do give them some money but not all the time.I need money too to support my ownself.

This afternoon, as i walking to rmit alone, a guy who is sitting on a bench along elizabeth st asked me if i know how to go st kilda.So i give him the direction and all that and after that i just proceed with my journey.Suddenly i noticed someone is following me and when i look at the refelction from the shops i saw that guy again. I got the feeling he's following me so i run as fast as i could.Is he a homeless too who wants money but afraid to ask from me? Or he just wants someone to talk to? Thats what we know from the visit to homeless people last week that most of them dont need more food but just a friend to talk to. But how about the old women who begged to me to withdraw money for her? They still need money i think but not for food.Some of them are alcoholics and drug addicts so maybe they want the money to buy some liqour or drugs.Thats another reason why i dont want to give them money.I dont know for what they spend their money for.

So, i hope later in the near future, nobody will approaches me and begging money from me.Not homeless people especially.Hehe

Oh btw, am enjoying my easter break now with more workloads.

Current mood : festived , tired , cheerful , homesick


  1. wooo qilah..scary wei! very verysurprised kat aussie also got homeless ppl ayee..ramai tak?...klau kat us, tak terkata bersepah2 but they dont bother ppl tho..


  2. huhu my fren pun kena jugak, but lagi teruk k.. when my fren didnt wanna give money, the beggar shouted at him saying something like "you stupid fucking asians!" wthell rite. you mintak duit kat org, pastu sempat nak kutuk2.
    his fren pulak kena slap for not giving money.. scary kan?
    so pls be careful and just ignore these ppl.. jgn bg muka sgt kat diorg. huhuu

  3. woahh really? kene slap? thats scary man.tu laa..after dis i should be more careful with yg takot nak balik jln kaki ni..hehehe

  4. oh kb, takde laa ramai sgt homeless people kt sini, but every other day u'll bump into them.mostly they'll ask u for coins(dgn alasan nak beli tram ticket).hehe