Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sejuk lah

yeayy the cold weather has finally come.I like the weather now its not too hot and not too cold.but nowadays its raining all the time so its quite cold.baju pon tak kering2 , dah lah dryer rumah ni gila sikit.So im really depending on the sunlight to dry my clothes.

just realize i do not have any knitwear so i bought some today.feels really good afterwards.hehe alasan nak shopping jer.hmm the break is over now so more workloads are coming.Had our( my group) presentation last night and it turned out not so good :( . Both the tutors really critique our design.They were so harsh on us and they talk like one hour just for our group.Berdiri je lah dgr kritikan maut itu.Nvm, can do better for the next one.Besides, im not really good in groupwork.You know, different people came out with different ideas and some of them really defend their ideas so the design process will be so slow because everyone wants everything. i just hope we have more time to do all the things.And our design tutors used to be Tech tutors, so they are very particular in terms of the structure and details of our design.That will be good because we'll learn a lot about structure.They always stress us about how and why things are made when we are designing something.They want something that is different but also can be built in real life.Hmm there's a lot to learn i think.I just hope this semester will be really fun and i want get good grades.I never get HD for my design studio and i really really want it this semester aminnnnnn.

Oh lupa nak mention.We went to philip island last tuesday (sort of easter break trip lah) and it was not bad afterall.Im quite dissapointed with the kangaroo tho.And it was raining when we were watching the penguins. We were all soaked wet and sejuk gila nak mampos time tuh. Thank god we went straight away home after that. It was fun tho because this time the trip was kinda different(?) hehe.Okay, im done now sbb nak masak ayam kicap so let the pictures do the talking! (kenapa lah pics tu asyik kt atas jer? sorry im still new to blogspot so im still adapting to it.hehe)
current mood: stress , hungry(ni kene masak nih) , dreamy (heeee..) , homesick (dah lame tak call mama , ni kene call ni)


  1. looks like u finally have a decent social life there!
    i'm happy for u!