Tuesday, April 1, 2008

when everything is not right.

what's wrong with opinioted people?

there is nothing wrong with them if the opinions that they give are reasonable and logic isn't it?
sometimes we have to stop arguing for what we know ourself its not right.think again.are you fighting just for the sake of winning(and also maybe hurting other people's feelings) or you're fighting because you know you are right?

im not going to argue with things that i think its not worth.but i have limits you know. there are times when im in bad temper.dont try me or u'll regret later.your attitude doesnt suit your age at all.you think you know everything and you are right all the time? from simple things to complicated ones u'll not stop arguing.think again.you're mature enough to anylize what u did.
(this is nothing to do with the recent election)

please note that the person im talking about is not my closed friends, my groupmate , my unimate, my course mate.it is someone out there.so anyone, jgn perasan im talking about you okay? :)

lets talk about other things.
i miss my family and friends back in malaysia so much.i miss hanging out with them all the time during the summer break.i miss teasing all my brothers and being teased by them too.i miss the times when im in deep conversation with my friends.i miss talking with my mum.i miss my mum so much.i miss all the food in malaysia.all the spicy food.i miss eating ice cream with *cough cough* and just simply talk with *cough cough*.i miss everything basically ;0

my design studio did not went well last monday.the tutors said there were no improvements in our design progress and our mid sem critique is next monday.how scary is that? a lot of work need to be done and i know we can do it(hope so aminnnn).chaiyok!

current mood: stress , dissapointed , homesick


  1. qil, screw her. xyah layan die. buat bodo jer.

    but then again, saying is actually easier than actually doing it.

    but then again, bwat bodo jer. xyah layan minah tuh. biar die ckp sorg2. haha

  2. yeah i'll get over it.oh how i wish u guys live here with me.mesti best gila.tu la nak suruh nenek cpt skit dtg sini.hehe.