Friday, April 4, 2008

minggu yang sangat gila.

this week i have three mid-semester critiques.can u imagine that? i have design crit on monday night, technology2 on tuesday morning and communications3 on friday morning.

gila apa? im so stressed out because im afraid i cant finish all the drawings and prepare myself for all the presentations before the deadlines.dah lah design mlm tu then esok paginya ada tech.gilaaaa gilaaaaa gilaaaa.

im in comp lab rite now and just talk witm ilma, my groupmate.she gives me some advice about how to deal with all these things and now i feel quite releived.i hope it will be ok for this monday,tuesday and friday insyaAllah.

oh God please help me i know u will.
need to finish my work now, gotta go!


  1. wow, sounds hectic.. it's okay, i'm sure everything will turn out fine..
    all the best qilah!! :D