Wednesday, April 23, 2008


tomorrow im having my mid-sem crit and yet im writing this post.haha.actually we should be presenting last monday but it was extended due to lack of time for the whole studio to present in one night.So, im sort of prepared for tomorrow, 'sort of'.

why laa kan whyy when i sleep early i still couldnt wake up early? buat habis masa ajer.oklah, not that sleep is not that important ,its really kan? usually i'll sleep late(like after subuh so tht i'll not miss it) because i'll wake up late afterall so better i use the time at night kan? but last night i did an experiment and slept at 1am but end up i woke up late than usual! at 10.30am.menyesal, baik tido lambat.

thats why lah im still not sleeping now.doing more testings for my design ideas.buttt, im so sleepy rite now that makes me feel want to sleep.will continue design tomorrow morning(hope so). my design studio is at 6pm-9pm and im sure it will be a very longggg class, later than 9pm, so marilah kita ke alam mimpi sekarang.goodnite and goodluck everybody!

****wishing i could get ideas for design in my dreams*****



    but i tink u dh present dh kot by the time i posted this.
    so how wassit?

  2. its was okay lah.they said i should test my ideas more on sections instead of plans.thts wht im gonna do after this! hehe tkpe, ni baru mid sem crit..a lot to do! hehe

  3. haha that theory 'tido awal, bgn awal' doesnt work for me anymore ok..
    i takut nak ambik the risk tau, so i hv to stay up for as long as i can.. huhu
    ngantuk gilaaa skrg ni ok. i tido less than 4 hours :(

  4. huhu you're so right zizi, i'll never take risk lagi.haha..tuh pernah ckup tido kan, i hope u'll get enough sleep sleep! hehe