Friday, April 25, 2008

yes you have to respect others when living under one roof

kalau org ckp tu jgn laa ikut bulat2..kalau ye pon nak tutup lampu inform laa org dulu so that org bole prepare nak on the study switch off jer, tiba-tiba gelap gulita.where is your common sense? please respect other people.

and come on lah, when you said you were raised like that (your habit of being really organised), that doesn't mean our parents didn't raise us the way it should be.We're organised what, takde pon sepah2 rumah.buttttt we were also raised to clean our dishes lepas makan/masak.takde laa tinggal atas meja,tepi sink.we were also raised to buang sampah kt basement, and not waiting for others to do it.usually organised person is also hygenic person, tapi ini tak. we dont want to tegur u because u are the oldest among us and we hope u know how to live under one roof with other people.ish geramnyeeeee.sometimes by ignoring you is the best way to calm myself.

cepat2 lah faham ye and change yourself.and btw how you live with other people before this? did you treat them the same?

siapa yang makan cili akan terasa pedas"


  1. ooopppss qilah mengganas*lariiiiiii* la yg qilah nk cerita ari tu eh.

  2. haha ni dah tahap geram siap express kt blog.hahahaa