Sunday, April 27, 2008

Im so hollow...

"im a dreamer , and when i wake , you can't break my spirit, its my dreams you take"

where is the spirit that i had back in 2002,2003 and 2004 when i was in school? the spirit of studying and do all the works with joy and excitement.Back at that time, i really did my work on time and i never procastinate.but now...hmmm the spirit has gone i tell you. gone to nowhere.

perhaps someone really made up my day back at that time? perhaps not.

"goodbye my friend, you have been the one..."

p/s: quote taken from james blunt's song , Goodbye my lover


  1. babe, i am devastated as u r as well.
    nnt i'll tell u about it bile i on ym.

  2. really? whats its all about? cpttt cerita.nanti lah kt ym k?