Friday, May 2, 2008

Because all you need is a few good friends (hannah 2007)

last nite was great!! at first we (me and syera) were planning to go out and have some dinner at Sofia Restaurant in Camberwell with ajie,zoul,azid,shafiq,alip etc..then we waited for them at melbourne central..punye lah lame diorang nak dtg..and at last we were informed that ajie was in the bad mood and didnt want to join everyone didnt want to go because only ajie know the way to go to there..but then at last, pegi jugak..haha.The food was superb! we ordered 5 dishes because the portion of each meal is big! tu pon tak habis..btw, it was an Italian restaurant, so u can imagine what we ordered ; pasta, pizza,seafood,chicken etc.The name of the dishes was so weird i cant even remember the name of it! haha. Afterwards we ordered some desserts and ajie's was the best one.Ice cream die best gila okay.

After had our dinner we decided to watch a movie.But as only some of us in the mood to watch and some already plan to watch tomorrow, only me,syera,ajie abd zoul went to the cinema.And guess which movie we pick? Made of Honour.The movie was okay lah, typical romantic comedy with happy ending.haha.But when i watched it last nite, the story was pretty much related to me and my best guyfriend.Yeker? maybe not. only i havent think about marriage yet.Haha maybe in 5 -6 years time.

okay thats all for now, need to do my work as i have promised TWO of my tutors to show a really progressive drawing!! design and tech.i just hope i can finish it on time.


  1. sumone finaly have a decent social life there. i'm glad.

    ooh ohh miss u!

  2. huhu..yeayy! btw, betol kan quote tu from hannah kan?

    oh oh i miss u too!