Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Final crit.

Rooflessness design studio

Design studio final crit: tuesday 10th June , afternoon
Folio submission: 16th June (subject to changes)
Exhibition: one week after folio submission.
Abg and Haziq's arrival: 19th June - tak sabar nak bwk korang jalan2! ;P-

so, from today onwards i'll be very busy preparing for my final presentation and might not be able to update.No more last minute printing, no more unprepared presentation, and hoping for the best!

and oh, kaknini's studio, Life Support (she's my housemate btw) is having her final crit on the 10th of June too, so thats good , same day! And mas and oya's studio, Super Brick's crit is on the 12th june.And Asriah's studio, Image im not sure when actually.probably around that time too.Goodluck to everybody for your final design crit.

but dont worry syera, although at that point of time your exams belum start lagi, we'll cheer you up okay? errr maybe kiteorg pegi shopping ker? hehe no lah, i'll be busy entertaining my bros here anyways.

oh btw, these are the pics during my final crit last sem(last year).Its an Affordable Housing studio.haha how funny when i think back our last sem's presentation.It was our first lower pool studio presentation, so biasalah tu kelam kabut sikit.kertas terlebih panjang lah , nak lipat lah , nak potong lah , macam-macam.And the printing cost us about aud250! (this is because we were so kelam-kabut and dont have the time to print at the uni which is way cheaper).haha how i miss working with mastura somehow.

okay now i need to do my work.see ya in 2 weeks time! i'll try to snap some pics during the presentation.


  1. it sucks that printing is so expensive kan?? stresss.

  2. agak lah.i cant beleive i spent almost 250dollars in one day! thats about 750 ringgit! haih..im wondering whats the printing cost for this coming crit..huhu

  3. uwaaaaaaaa.. korg dh abes syera br start !!!!....
    Haha !... jgw wiso... ade potensi syera join shopping skali nih... keh3!...