Wednesday, June 11, 2008

byebye Rooflessness.

yeah my presentation on tuesday went quite well.Overall, im quite satisfied as i did the best that i could.The thing is , i still spent a lot for printing. The night before the presentation which was on monday, i print my drawings in rmit comp lab and planned to just take it the next morning.My print credit has been deducted which costs me about 60 dollars.But then when i went there the next morning, my drawings were not there.i checked everywhere but nothing can be found.I got panic and think that there must be someone who has cancel my printing. So i just go to oz copy to print my 3 AO coloured layout which costs me about 195dollars in total!! can you see the difference? but i just dont care i was so desperate at that point of time so i just print it.

okay let me explain you about my project this semester before i go on with the comments that i get from the crit panel.We have to design shelter/housing to cater for homeless people.We have to provide 35 bedrooms with single ensuite and 18 bedrooms with shared ensuite and other basic facilities such as kitchen,dining,communal area,store,pantry,laundry bla bla bla. We were also given scheduled area for each spaces for example each bedroom must be 14 sq metre perfect. Its quite a cramp site to put all those areas so most students make the building a 3-storeys building.

From previous exercize my concept is separation and integration. Each one of us has to make a statement about homelessness and follow that statement along the semester when we designing.

my statement:

homeless people are just like us.They just need company around them to socialize with but at the same time they also need privacy.All the spaces are designed so that they are connected but at the same time separated to create privacy.

So my design is something that is integrated with context but also separated. It is also applied to the planning,forms and materials. I dont know if you guys could really understand what im saying here because i'll start crapping about my design architecturally that some of you might not understand.So i'll just stop here about the design idea thigy.And oh, sorry i didnt get the chance to snap some pics during the presentation but neel snap some though. It was a really tiring day as the presentation held from 4pm to 10.30pm. Of course there were some liqour and snacks provided so that the guest crit and student can relax a bit during the presentation.Of course i dont drink the liqour but i did drink some soda though.buttt i almost telan chicken flavoured potato chips.i thought its in original flavour or something.nasib baik kak jamie tegur..haih..ape lagi cpt2 muntah balik dlm tong sampah.haha.

So the comments from guest crit:

its really complex and might not work structurally like you have a really long cantilevered slab there.Too many deckings in your design.Maybe you should have more diagrams to expalain your ideas.All your ideas are there but it seems that you just have enough.If you have more time you could push further and do more testings.However, its quite creative and a beautiful design intent.
And oh before the presentation, Richard Black look at my prespectives and saw the precast concrete and said "jesus! is that in-situ concrete? its bloody expensive!!"..and then i was like..oh shit shit i thought its cheap but then greg back me up and said its not in-situ concrete it precast i was like phewwwwww thanks greg :P.Of course we have to make it affordable housing as it is for the homeless. So that's why most of the materials that i use really fit with the context and moreover its for the homeless.

After that neel and greg(my tutors) comment:

I think Qila has tried really hard this semester with all the drawings and perspectives.Its quite a good work for a level-3 student, you know this is her 3rd semester..At that time all the panel crit was like ohhh thats really good for a level3 student..(i was like neel ni nak back up org pulak eh tp bagus la that time i dah blushing dah.huhu).okay its not that i want to show off or something, its just that things that i learnt along the semester.You know, in the beginning of the semester, im the only one in level3, the others are in level 4 and 5.So i push myself really hard so that im in the same level with them.I dont want to be left behind.What scares me now is for the next semester where i'll be in level 4 and going to mix with level-2 student which is first year students.Ohhh im just afraid they are better than me wayyy better so i really have to push myself next semester.

Overall im quite satisfied with my work but not really with my design ideas.I wish i have more time to think about it i mean do more testings with ideas.Do something really different, creative but also fit with the context and rationale.

So these are some of my 3d perspectives since neel said i really improved in my perspectives so i just want to show some :).But i dont think im satisfied enough i hope i can do better next time.

Okay now i need to cont do my folio.i have to compile and organize all the drawings and images for submission this monday.

tata for now.oh excuse my grammar mistakes im really bad with it haha.

aaaa lmbtnye nak upload pic.just manage to upload one will update the others later k.haha


  1. nak dtg tgk ur work! heheh
    congrats qilah! :)
    keep it up.. hehe

  2. jom pegi architecture exhibtion kt rmit! jom jom hehe