Sunday, June 15, 2008

wrap it all up!

i almost order cupcakes for a friend's surprise birthday gift in malaysia.but then when i go to the website, they dont accept orders through email,fax or phone.that means you have to go to the shop yourself and order.soooooo its impossible lah kan.i know i can ask for my friend's favor kt malaysia but fikir2 balik its not worth it lah.

fikir2 balik, sometimes i treat that person wayyyy too nice.
sometimes i have to stop and dont get too excited.
maybe im trying too hard.

oh come on Qila let go let go and move on!

oh btw tomorrow im going to submit my folio and then its all done! yeayy for semester one. going to celebrate the freedom tomorrow..well,alone? so sad kan. i want to watch The Happening but then siape nak temankan? *sob sob*.Syera's going to sit for her first paper tomorrow and kak nini oredi watch it.might watch it alone.

oh well this is the life of a busy-person-when-everybody-is-free-and-free-when-everybody-is-busy.get it? haha.

both of my crazy bros will be here on thursday!! tonite they're going to fly to sydney and stay there for a couple of days before heading straight to melbourne.mau plan apa ya untuk mereka?

okay, will update later. nak tengok hot fuzz.


  1. qilaa, we r sooo in stuck in the same situation.huhu

    i dun wana waste my time but i can't let go.evrytime mcm dh bole lupekan, the person juz hav to do sumthing that makes me even more harder to let go.

    i even wrote a sajak about this. heee

  2. tu la psl.sometimes he makes me smile but at at the same time he's a pain in the ass.haha so skrg ni just go with the flow je lah..leave it in God's hands kan nini

  3. bestnyeeeeee qilahhhh dh abis!
    cis jelous ok!tak pe kte tgggal lagi satu paper n satu assgmnt.boriing kan, still ade assgmnt during exam weeks. can`t wait to see u dis winter!confirm dtg kan?heeeee.
    i think i knoe which frnd is it.woooot wooooooot!bgs qilah!tunjuk macho sikit qilah!hahahahah.