Saturday, August 16, 2008

architects without frontiers.

apart from the busyness with projects and assignments, im in no mood to write anything.

oh i haven't mention about elective subject that im taking this semester, have i? nope i didn't take any language subject ; chinese,japanese,french .nope i didn't take any photography subject (its full tho). taking UN Charted Kosovo.sounds very humanatarian ah? indeed it is..its all about urban architecture and about redesigning/redeveloping a new state in kosovo which in is Ferizaj.its something about designing by following the context of the site, but not only physical context but also social,political,economical context of the, kosovo just gain their independence in february 2008 after a long ethnic conflicts between serbs and albanians.there were bloody wars and disputes between the 2 ethnics for quite a long time.

its what the woman last week mentioned when she gave a talk in our class,

"architects without frontiers"

she said not all people want to get involved in this thing.this is not all about working in big corporate company.this is about helping the less fortunate people out there.

by taking this subject, i've broaden my knowledge actually .now i know what nato is, what EU is, what is the current issues.seriously, before this i dont even care to find out what these organizations are for.

its quite a good class actually, we learn how to do diagrams a lot! how to visualise everything with minimal information but maximum means, graphically.

eh i tot im in no mood to write? haha just realize i write quite a lot.

p/s: happy 13th birthday nabil! jangan nakal2 ikut cakap mama ayah.haha


  1. huhu tu la psl.kalau i tak amik this subject i'll never know kot..huhu