Sunday, August 10, 2008

only they know how much i miss them.

the world is so different without u guys.

seriously i miss the good old times.

from bottom left to the right: the interior designer, the lawyer , the architect , the tourism manager , the architect , the engineer , the architect.


  1. GAMBA PD!!!!!
    rendu nyaa mase time nih.
    remember the nite we had those drinks by the beach tuh?
    laughing our ass off..gilaa high dah time tuh. awww..rendu!

    cepatlah pulang!
    wajeb road trip kali nih!

  2. tu la seyh time tuh.i want to laugh like that again.tu laa next road trip is a must!

    p/s: tp i balik lmbt skit u guys wait for me ok..huhu