Sunday, August 24, 2008

busy dizzy.

oh very busy this past few weeks.i even dont have the time to get my 3rd jab for hepatitis b thats supposed to be like 4 weeks ago? dont get me wrong i dont have hepatitis b, its just immunation. and the working permit? kalaulah satu hari ada lebih daripada 24 jam, kalaulah kan.

i've cut my fingers everywhere because of of the demand of model-making in this studio.not only that, we have to use the laser cutter machine which we have to wait for like the whole day for our queue.moreover, the air in the workshop semua dah toxicated.tak elokkkkk.

one of my wisdom tooth is coming out, which is not a really good time.i had a terrible headache last 2 nights which made me sleep the whole night.i think im the most unproductive archi student this week! arghhh stress stress.

all i need now is a good enough 6-7 hours of sleep, but i cant.haihhh.

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