Thursday, August 28, 2008

luahan hati.

most people know how busy i am as an architecture student.but only some really understand how busy i am.only true friends can accept it.

sorry for i dont have the time for social life, sorry because im trying to be the best that i can.

but please, dont compare me with hurts me so bad.

for i know what im doing is for the what im happy with and i've put my whole energy,time,money devoted to it.

i dont have time for boyfriend or maybe architecture is my boyfriend? haha crap, i know.

spring break means nothing to me.its just more workloads for the coming design mid crit.damn you architecture! but i still love you.

all the best to me.


  1. ignore them.
    diss them.
    they dunno a thing what us designers go through day in day out.

    juz mind ur own business, qil.
    sumtimes its hard to please everyone, so juz please urself instead.

    don't stress out too much.
    luv u.