Thursday, December 4, 2008

from south to north.

went to new zealand for 14 days with NAOMIH! it was superb! so many incidents in that 2 weeks.glad u guys allowed me to join! thanks NAOMIH !

we went to a few places ; christchurch , queenstown , auckland (merempat kt mcd for 7 hours then crashed a hotel lobby for 2 hours!) , rotorua , lake taupo, wellington.

i did bungee jumping, swoop , handgliding , zorb , canyon skippers jetboating in queenstown and rotorua.

these are just few of them, the rest you can check out my soooo lazy to upload it again and again.


  1. Qilah, the third picture dekat tengah2 tu? is that youuu? it is such a cool picture!! love it.

  2. haha yep it is me! huhu yeaahhh it was fun zorb-ing! hehehe try lah nanti sha !

  3. i stil mcm xcaya u did all those stuff; bungee jumping! hand gliding!

    kudos to u!

    p.s: ur mum tau x u bwat bungee jumping tuh? haha

  4. haha tau after i dah buat laa..kalau bgtau before i nak buat jgn harap laa dpt buat.hahahhaa

  5. OMG!awk mmg gilerr!
    kite tgk awk pun dah gayat