Thursday, December 4, 2008

"just because im losing, doesnt mean im losttttt"

"just because im losing, doesnt mean im losttttt"...

lyrics from Lost by Coldplay.

yes! we're definitely going to see coldplay early march next year! sbb bgn lmbt nye psl we could only get the tix for the 3rd day show! down...if only we could see the first day punya kan lagi best.

now im sooooo cant wait to see them! been waiting for them for ages to come here! err takde lah ages pon kan. woohoooooo!

cant wait to go home to meet my bestfriendsss in malaysia too! hmmmm i have so many plans for us! and a few new people to meet! definitely!


  1. Qilahhhhh, enjoy the concert nanti! I know u've been waiting for agesssss. hehehe.

  2. thanks sha! n thanks too to be the first one to inform me about their concert! hehe

  3. AAAaaaa!
    jeles. bigtime ok!

    anyhoot, njoy the concert.
    say hi to chris martin for me.