Monday, May 25, 2009


periuk belanga, bilik air dan sampah.

im glad and grateful how my parents raised me up.
i dont always give presents during occasions (but i do give them cards and hugs!), but one thing for sure i always show my affection of love towards them by following their advices.damn good advices.

oh yes my father is good in i missed talking with him during dinner about philosophy , observations , people and simply just life.

ayah and mama, i love you guys so i realised how much it mean what you guys always talk about and scolded us.
much love, qila.

well, shit happens sometimes.
gotta go back to work!

p/s: all the best to my bro who is in his A-level finals now.afterwards he gets to choose whether to fly to aus/nz or so jealous rite now! now why dont MARA sponsors any architecture student? hmmmm

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