Wednesday, September 23, 2009


sorry for the lack of updates, been very busy. i'll try to post more, but for now onwards i'll only blog about architecture, uni works , photography and relevant matters, more like my own online portfolio. i'll just keep my personal matters to myself and closed ones because of certain reasons.

p/s: hope its not too late to wish everybody happy eid! :D


  1. susah nak blog those things je.. unless tukar jd business blog.. hokhok... anyway.. architecture is quite a personal thing... bcoz whenever u blog about archi, ur actually talking about urself.. its a type of personality.. remember...(kalau tak igt kna baring dan dgr music sepanjang 30 min) hehee...

  2. oh sememangnya architecture is something personal.thats why i said relevant matters included.what i meant before is less jadikan blog ni tmpt luahkan perasaan.hahaa kalau as perasaan ada post2 before this mcm byk emotional post.i want to keep that only to myself.heee thanks for advice anyway heee :D