Sunday, January 17, 2010


yes i know you and you been very busy especially to those who have start working.all of us are trying to adapt with this adjustment and yes we are trying to understand your commitments. but can you and you at least spare some of your time for me? at least just once before im going back to melbourne since i'd only come back home every summer.

gosh i cant imagine 3-5 years ahead when all of us are going to be very busy chasing dreams(?) and commitments.can we still just spend the evenings with each other and just laugh all the way like today?

i cant imagine myself working. kerja studio during semester pon banyak tak terhingga, later in real life working pon it could be worst.lets just pray for the best iA.

only 28 days left! better spend it wisely! 4 fictions are not enough.
part of me cant wait to be back in melbong! i just feel so weird having all the time of my life now.

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