Tuesday, June 17, 2008

viva la vida!

today i went shopping!

guess what i bought?


the new Coldplay album Viva La Vida and also their old albums, Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to the Head. The 2 old albums come with a dvd of their live concerts! 3 in one! and the price is quite cheap!

so ape lagi, shopping cd lah tadi!

i wish someday i could go to their concert :).

oh btw jason mraz is coming here to melb on the 12th of august! am planning to go with syera but we are still finding people who might want to join.anyone?


  1. yeaa jason mraz is coming 12 aug! gila tak aci ok!
    i nak ikut boleh?? heheheh ;)

    owh yea, michael buble on thurs nite kan? eee i tak sempat tgk! geram gila k.

    see u soon! :))

  2. haha tu la psl..michael buble pon nak dtg..haha jom jom ikut! tp bukan u dah balik ke time tu..huhuhu see u soon too!

  3. qilah, coldplay punye album tu gleee cool!ok kalo coldplay buat concert here around oz, kte confrim nk join qilah!

    owwhh i`m going to jason mraz tooo but here in sydney la.:P

  4. saya ada satu permintaan.

    not me laa, my sis. if you MEET him, ask him to sign something, anything, and ask him to write 'HANUN' also.

    Then you can ask him to hug/kiss you lah. =D

  5. moon: tu la psl..best kan the new album..u're going too! gud!! haha wait for me im coming to sydney!! huhu

    hannah: yep sure kalau dpt i'll try ok? haha naaa i dont wanna kiss him..haha

  6. why wont u kiss him?
    do it for us, please lah.

    my gawd gile jeles k.
    i'm in luv with the song, i'm yours n been playing it n singing it n jamming it at studio like 24/7 kot.