Tuesday, July 1, 2008

winter! is here :)

winter holiday is here and i cant believe that im more busy than when im not on holidays.i mean very the busy.haha but at least im not stress.and i get more than enough of sleep.

right now my family is here to spend the winter break with me thats y laa im so busy and cant update anything.plus, there's no internet connnection in the apartment that they're staying at , so sad..and the distance from their apartment to mine is like 15mins walk.jauh gila malas nak jalan plus its very coldddd outside.

btw im enjoying every bits of my winter break.so far we've been to interesting places in the city and outside of melbourne.omg i've been to phillip island for 3 times! tp tak bosan2 pon.haha and we're going to mt buller tomorrow for ski-ing and snow boarding.fuhh very busy holiday ah?

btw will update later and put more pictures when the holiday is almost over..aaaahhh i dont want it to be over, but sadly soon it will :(

and and next week im going to sydney (again!) to visit Moon..well that is to make full use of my holiday haha.

oh happy belated birthday to syawa,sarah ain and amirnor! happy 21st to all of you and may God bless you :)


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