Tuesday, July 15, 2008

taktau nak letak tajuk apa.

im back!

penat gila okay holiday this time.will update later when i have all the pics because its all in my laptop which is now in arden apartment, and currently im in courtney's.

most probably tomorrow or the day after okai?

i already got my result for last sem and am quite happy with it! except for certain subject yg mmg dah agak dah pon.(moral: pilih groupmate yg okay2)

i just arrived from sydney this morning and terus pegi rmit for studio balloting.There are about 16 studios to choose from and these are the top 4 studios that i have ballot for:

1. Bodies
2. Image
3. Mediating Architecture
4. Transform

i still have to choose an elective this semester but i have no idea what to take. Some of my friends thinking of taking english language la, chinese la, japanese, property management la..but i cant decide what to take! either to choose inside architecture field ke or outside the field.any ideas? am thinking of taking conceptual photography ke tp mcm takot susah jugak.hmmmmm still undecided...psychology?

aaaaa next week class start, tidak!!!!
im still in the mood for holidays laa.mana taknya melbourne uni starts 1 week later kot.and sydney's too.jealous2.

jumpa nanti-nanti ya!

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