Saturday, July 19, 2008

jejak kasih.


ahaaa actually im so lazy to update about my recent winter just let cut it short.both of my brothers came down here first before joined by my mum and small lil still organizing the pics (there's alot, suprisingly), so these are some of the pics.

abg and haziq arrived in sydney and diorang taktau nak buat ape except for camwhoring around the city. This are one my fav pics.haha sukaaa ..i try to do the same thing tapi tak jadi bacause it was too dark on the night i went to sydney.

after a couple of days buang masa dekat sydney, they flew to melbourne to be reunited with me,jejak kasih hahaha.ok thats all, i'll put more pics later hahaha im so damn lazy.

oh btw, we already get the result for our studio ballot and i got a studio named Bodies, its a large scale studio btw.Its a night class(again!) but i think its okay for me because i dont have any class on friday this time.

will update later because im addicted to prison break now :)

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