Monday, November 10, 2008

when you are daydreaming and blur at the same time.

i went to rmit today to help my tutor pin up the layouts for the coming exhibtion this wednesday and i feel sooooooo guilty because of 2 incidents:

1: i crashed someone's model infront of his eyes.
happily i walk into studios on level 12 , thinking oh im so freeee after this no
more work and at the same time looking at people's work on the walls.then
suddenly i was stumbled and when i look back, i just realised that i actually i
stepped on someone's model. and at that time that person actually sitting infront
of the model.
and i was like "im sooooooooo sorry i didnt realise it was there bla bla". then he
said "its okay, just be more careful next time".i feel so bad after that.dah laa
pijak model orang, depan mata orang tu pulak tu , memang tak boleh lari la kan.

2: christine help me pinning up my drawings layout and we need someone to tell us if
its straight or not.then suddenly i saw a friend of mine( shes an arabian btw) and
call for her name quickly "fatima! fatima! fatima!".but she didn't respond.and i
was like tak cukup kuat ke suara aku ni.then suddenly she turn around and i
quickly ask for her help.after finish with the pinup i just realised her name is
not fatima! its aishah! i feeeeeeeeel so so bad after that.

pengajaran hari ini: look where u walk and never ever forget people's name.


  1. hahahha!!! ngeng laa qilah!! btw,my name is ERNIE! dont u dare forget that :P

  2. haha dont worry i wont forget ur name ernie.haha