Thursday, April 2, 2009

random 4

everytime i surf the new straits time website all i see is about rape , rape and more raping. father raped daughter, lecturer raped student, raped after stopping to help.whatever happen to malaysian?

and we gonna have a new prime minister! i dont know thats a good or a bad thing because i dont know much about politics in malaysia.and khir toyo using country's money to go to disneyland with family and even bring his maid? hmm so many happen in so little time.

well to update, i've been a very busy architecture student lately, trying to balance my life as a student. and and we now (as in me,syera and others) have form a futsal team to enter tryout for masca.

and i've been thinking lately and want to start fresh! i mean just forget all the nonsenses that i have been dealing for like 7 years? come on qila, you are still young! right now i just want to focus on my present life and look on the bright side.


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